For those who do not speak German…

… please feel welcome to our anarchist week „Libertäre Tage“ in Dresden – our events are open to you too. Thanks to ContraInfo you can find the invitation text online in several languages: in English, in Greek, in Italian, and in Portuguese.
We also have our discussion text on awareness in English and Spanish (thanks to lingua•trans•fair!).

Unfortunately, this „being open“ is limited – nearly all speeches and workshops will be in German language, next to nothing on this blog is in English, and so on. We weren‘t able to organize it in a better way – this time at least. But we‘d still like to have talks and discussions in English (many people in Germany, especially the young ones, can speak English) or other languages!

We hope that next time we will have more resources (e.g. time) at our hands to really achieve multilinguality.

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